LISP and Scripts in a Spreadsheet

Writing LISP and Scripts in a Spreadsheet...

I am lazy. You should be too! Writing repetitive things in a spreadsheet and the paste them in a .LSP file can be a time saver.


Paste sheet code to a cell
Paste result code to LISP file (or script or ...)

For example:

="(princ "&char(34)&"Example "&char(34)&")" 
(princ "Example ")

Just some snippets:

  • A1: MyCommand (A2: MyOtherCommand, ...)

  • B1 and result:

="(defun c:"&A1&" () (load "&CHAR(34)&A1&CHAR(34)&") ("&A1&") (setq "&A1&" nil) (princ))"
(defun c:MyCommand () (load "MyCommand") (MyCommand) (setq MyCommand nil) (princ))

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