LISP Programs

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  • 3TLIN: Drawing information from a 3TL file.

  • GPXIN: Drawing information from a GPX file.

  • GMLIN: Drawing information from a GML file.


  • ARROW: Draw an associative leader without text annotation.

  • NORTH: Insert North icon.


  • E2P: Create polylines by selecting only one entity to connect all adjoining entities or, select multiple entities to connect only those entities.

  • GROUPIN: Insert file as group.

  • MEXPLODE: Explode all blocks and create groups of those blocks.

  • GROUPSEL: Select as groups or as entities.


  • ALIGNXY: Align objects with different x scale and y scale factors.

  • ALIGN2D: Align ignoring z-coordinates, parallel to x-y-plane.

  • TRIMBOX: Trim entities to a rectangular boundary.


  • BPAVECTOR: Blood Pattern Analysis Vector drawing in 3D.

  • RSM: Road Surface Marking.


  • MANFOR: Open PDF Manual for Forensics.


  • FOA: Field Of Application scripts for settings.


  • SCALE4M: Scaling based on 4 meters for ortho-rectifying.

  • RECTIN: Insert ortho-rectified material, scale and make it transparent.


  • LIB: Insert library parts.

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